Our Mission is to create transformational change in leaders. It is our desire to see all leaders equipped, motivated, and launched into future influential leadership roles.  



Therapon’s coaching approach places decision-making power in the client’s capable hands while being guided to listen and discover the best plan for their future. Whether you’re an established business, start-up, or a business in the incubation process, all can benefit from our coaching approach. 



We believe the most important asset in any organization is its people. Therapon offers custom tailored training specifically designed to meet your organization’s desired outcomes. Our goal is to equip your organization’s people personally and professionally, to be the best they can be.  Employees with improved skills, clearer vision, newly discovered passion and individual investment, strengthen a company’s effectiveness at every level. From hiring to evaluation and beyond, let us help you strengthen your people and ultimately your organization.


Leadership Development

Therapon exists to empower, equip and activate next generation leaders. Our approach is personalized one-on-one leadership development consulting for leaders at every level in the organization.